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McRocklin Suite

Get ready to unleash your guitar's full potential.


“I replaced over $3000 of plugins (and a massively complicated software rack) with a single plugin, PolyChrome DSP McRocklin Suite.”

— McRocklin
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Plugin mockup showing a closeup of amp selection

Four uniquely-voiced amps.

ACOUSTIC: Add some sparkle to your tone. Four profiles from bright and airy, to rich and full.

CLEAN: The perfect clean amp. Punchy and smooth, with as much brightness as your music will need.

EDGE: From bold cleans to gritty boutique. When you need an amp that can handle it all, go to the EDGE.

GAIN: This low gain amplifier is a joy to play. Turn on an Overdrive pedal to transform it into a High Gain Shred Machine.

Plugin mockup showing a closeup of drive selection

Strap in, let's drive.

ATTACKER: From Ripping tight, to Full Beast Mode. Attacker is the Drive to use when you want a fresh modern sound.

SHREDDER: A modern take on an Overdrive icon. Our unique mod takes this classic drive to a new level.

RIFFER: A vintage modded Distortion pedal that's a banger for riffs.

VIBER: With a broad mid range, this is the perfect drive for adding colour that cuts through a mix. Try stacking with other drives to get the most out of it.

Plugin mockup showing a closeup of EQ selection

The Equalizer.

4 Band: Each band features a unique voice and Q range. It’s never been easier to create powerful curves.

8 Band: Versatile, musical and transparent. Perfect for shaping your tones.

Plugin mockup showing a closeup of heatpressor

Heatpressor: The multi-algorithm monster.

From punchy compression, to chest thumping boost, top end sizzle and much more. HEATPRESSOR is more than your average compressor.

Plugin mockup showing a closeup of synth octaver

An Octaver like no other.

Introducing SYNTH OCT A Synthesized octave-down companion.

The sound of a wild night out with your best friends.

Plugin mockup showing a closeup of speaker selection

15 fully-produced “mix ready” speaker chains.

Each speaker is perfectly matched to its assigned amp, and has been processed through McRocklin's custom channel strips for a produced sound.

Add Resonance, Air, Lo & Hi Cut to further shape your speaker.

Plugin mockup showing a closeup of reverb selection

Three next-gen reverb algorithms.

SHOP: Perfect for creating smaller spaces around your tones.

SPACE: Based on McRocklin's go to reverb, complete with 3 band shaping tools

DREAM: For beautiful reverb trails supporting your chords. DREAM is perfect for longer ambient sonic scapes.

Plugin mockup showing a closeup of delay selection

Stereo, Pong and Grain Delays.

With Ducking, Lo & High Cut and control over the stereo spread. Delay can do everything from subtle to extreme. Turn on the Grains to enter a new world of multi voice textures.

Plugin mockup showing a closeup of fx selection

Plus much more besides.

GATE: From gentle to tight whilst never cutting off your transients.

WIDE: Our mid side processor that rips your tones into 3D space. Unlike most stereo/spread tools, no additional latency is added when using WIDE.

CHORUS: The true sound of the 80's. Sweet, juicy and Hyper Stereo.

COMP: Multi parameter master grade compression in one knob. Perfect for adding extra punch to heavy tones, or absolutely smashing those Cleans.

OS: Our amps run Oversampled as standard, double this to 4x with OS.

A chart showing the comparison between McRocklin Suite latency of 0.045ms and our closest competition which is 3000% higher at 1.5ms

Powerful and efficient, Apple Silicon native.

Built from the ground up using the latest technologies for Windows and Mac. PolyChrome DSP plugins are fast, REALLY FAST.

The McRocklin Suite runs at an astonishingly low latency of just 0.045ms. That’s zero point zero milliseconds!

350+ presets (and counting)

350+ studio-ready presets painstakingly dialled in by McRocklin.

From Soaring Leads, Hyper Cleans, Thunderous Riffs to patches created for McRocklin songs and so much more. With our ever growing library of presets, you’ll always have new and inspiring tones at your fingertips.

A laptop screen showing the PolyChrome DSP McRocklin Suite running in standalone mode

Buy once, run anywhere.

One purchase gets you both the McRocklin Suite plugin and standalone application - just plug-in and play!

VST, AU, CLAP, or Standalone. Windows or MacOS. Access killer tones whatever sytem you're running. No iLok required.

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McRocklin Suite

Purchase for $149.00

Download the demo

Demo limitations: 3 seconds of silence every minute; only 10 presets enabled; saving and deleting presets is disabled; plugin state resets to default when loaded.

System requirements


  • Windows 7 64bit or later
  • Intel i5 or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768
  • VST2, VST3, CLAP 64-bit host
  • PT12 or higher, AAX 64-bit host

Mac (Intel)

  • OSX 10.9 or later
  • Intel i5 or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768
  • VST2, VST3, AU, CLAP 64-bit host
  • PT12 or higher, AAX 64-bit host

Mac (Apple silicon)

  • macOS 11.0 or later
  • Apple M1 or higher
  • 4GB RAM
  • Screen resolution: 1024×768
  • VST2, VST3, AU, CLAP 64-bit host
  • PT12 or higher, AAX 64-bit host